Research, ongoing Evaluation and Programme Development are very important aspects of Good Grief’s work in supporting Seasons for Growth. All programmes are evaluated. They are evaluated formatively – by Companions as they complete a programme with a group, and by programme participants. Data is collected and collated and fed into an ongoing development process.

In addition, regular formal programme evaluation occurs though various agencies. The Children and Young People’s programme has been evaluated by the University of Melbourne in 2005, South Australian Department of Human Services in 2004, and the Australian Commonwealth Department of Health and Aging in 1999. The Adult programme was evaluated by the University of Queensland in 2008 and Carers NSW in 2004. A summary of these evaluations is available on the Australian website: Click here

In 2010 Good Grief partnered with the Centre for Children and Young People to conduct an evaluation of the Seasons for Growth programme. This research was conducted across 334 children in 57 Seasons for Growth groups spread nationally throughout Australia and internationally in Scotland and New Zealand. This research project was significant as the Centre for Children and Young People have developed specific research methodologies, including pre and post data gathering processes. This process can be used by Good Grief in an ongoing evaluation system. This report can be accessed here.

The Centre for Children and Young People have been successful in gaining an ARC research grant to which Good Grief is a party to conduct further research in the near future. Good Grief is very pleased and excited about this development. Further research can be accessed on their Australian website here.