Season for Growth Parent Programmes

The Seasons for Growth Parent Programme is an additional programme, which has been devised to help parents develop the skills and knowledge to support children and young people through family change and loss.

Providing an opportunity for parents to better understand the experience of death, separation and divorce from a child’s perspective, the programme explores ideas and strategies to help their children transition through family change.

The distinctive child-centred approach provides emotional space and a non-judgemental environment for parents to wonder, share, discuss land learn how to care for and nurture their children after separation, divorce or the death of someone they love.

The Seasons for Growth Parent Programme has two separate components, each delivered by trained Companions in a 1 x 4 hour or 2 x 2 hour sessions with a small group of 5-10 parents:

*  Supporting your child following separation and divorce

*  Supporting your child following the death of someone they love

While the grief experienced by children following death has many dimensions in common with that experienced following separation/divorce, the Seasons for Growth Parent Programme is offered as two separate components to enable parents to focus on issues specific to a particular kind of family change. This is especially important given the limited time and scope available within the Parent Programme.  The Seasons for Growth Adult Programme may be an appropriate next step for parents who wish to spend time exploring their own change and loss experience and learn coping skills to manage and continue moving forward.

A further one day training for Companions is required in order to deliver the programme. For further information please see the Training Calendar or contact