Seasons for Growth – Children & Young People’s Programme Girl writing with cat

Seasons for Growth aims to build the resilience of children and young people who are dealing with significant loss or change.

The death of a loved one, parental divorce or separation, the experience and aftermath of natural disaster, moving house or school… big changes like these can cause confronting and confusing emotions. Seasons for Growth helps children and young people to develop the language needed to express their feelings, and gives them a safe place to talk about them.

There are four levels available:

Primary schoolSFG Journals Group web

Level 1: 6-8 year olds
Level 2: 9-10 year olds
Level 3: 11-12 year olds

Secondary School

Level 4: 13-18 year olds
“I feel stronger and I can achieve anything I want to do. I will be the same person when I get home but I will be… refreshed and trying to be always positive.”
15 yr old girl

“Bad things won’t last forever”
8 year old boy
“I can make choices and decisions”
11 year old girl
“(I learned) how to cope with feelings and not to bottle my anger up”
10 year old boy

Seasons for Growth was developed in collaboration with education, healthcare and welfare professionals. It is recognised within government initiatives to promote mental health and wellbeing in Scottish schools. All the individuals that facilitate Seasons for Growth have been specifically trained and as Companions and must follow a Code of Ethics to become, and remain, accredited.