Adult Programme

Seasons for Growth aims to build resilience and bring hope and confidence to adults who have experienced significant change or loss. Grief may be due to any number of experiences: bereavement, relationship breakdown, coming to a new country or experiencing a natural disaster. It may be a recent loss, or something that happened a long time ago.
The programme imparts knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable participants to understand and manage their grief experience.

The Adult Programme has 2 components which are facilitated by trained Companions.

  • Understanding Change Loss and Grief (3 hour seminar) which can be offered to large groups (up to 25 participants) of people with an interest in learning about grief, its potential triggers and impact as well as strategies to manage it. Participants may be interested for personal reasons or they may be involved in work that would benefit from a deeper understanding of the impact of change and loss. This is suitable for staff groups, community groups, faith groups etc.
  • Exploring the Seasons of Grief (4 x 2½hour sessions) is a small group (4-7 participants) peer based educational programme. It offers the opportunity for individual reflection and group discussion. Participants in this programme are usually motivated to attend out of a particular loss. In small, confidential groups, participants share their stories with one another, helping to normalise their experiences. Through discussion, journaling and private reflection, they connect with one another in ways that build understanding and decrease isolation.

It is such a gentle way to explore losses and issues… I have used these skills over time to cope with different situations. Participant 

 Sharing gives them confidence, courage, and purpose. They look at and experience life differently. Companion

 I have grown through the course… I still have some anger, but no longer the resentment.  Participant

Crucially, the process of participating in a Seasons for Growth group provides adults with the opportunity to practice new skills, learn new ways of thinking and acquire more effective ways of coping. It provides a safe place to discuss personal responses to loss and bereavement, the meanings that these experiences have for them, and then to make positive choices as to how they can respond to these events in the future.

The Seasons for Growth programme is delivered by trained Companions in many schools, parishes, community organisations and local agencies across Scotland. If you are looking for a child or an adult group, please contact your local school or agency directly for details.

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