Music for SFG

Above is a short training video, made to help Companions feel confident to use songs in the Children’s Programme, and give some useful background information on the partnership between Fischy Music and Seasons for Growth. If you are working with primary-aged children, do give it a watch. It highlights the fact that you don’t need to be confident with music to get the benefits of using songs!

Music is a deeply human activity – from the tiniest baby to the oldest adult, everyone responds to it. Music has a unique power to touch our emotions, change our physical state and bring us together with other people. It makes sense to draw on this powerful positive force as part of the Seasons for Growth Programmes – helping people to connect with their feelings, and find ways to cope and thrive in the face of loss, grief and transition in life.

Since around 2007, Scottish charity Fischy Music ( has been working in partnership with Seasons for Growth in Scotland – providing songs, resources and events that support the Children’s Programme. The latest development is that specially-written Fischy Music songs are included in the Level 1-3 Programme (see Companion’s Manual).

Links to the songs are in the Companion login area under ‘Children and Young People’.

For more information on how music can support children experiencing loss, grief and transition, please visit: