International Research

The following documents are for Companions taking part in the International Evaluation research.

Please ensure you have a Unique Identifier and have completed all consent forms before using the Pre Group Evaluation Survey forms below.

Please contact if you would like further information

Pre Group Information and Consent Documents for Companions:

Overview of Evaluation

1. Process for international evaluation (Scotland)

2. Information Sheets and Consent Forms

3. Letter for Parents Carers

4. Companion Process

5. Companion Log

6.Companion Process Flow Chart

Pre Group Evaluation Survey Forms

Levels 1-2-3 Child Pre Group Evaluation Surveys

Level 4 Pre Group Evaluation Survey

Parent Carer Pre Group Evaluation Survey

Post Group Evaluation Survey Forms

Evaluation Children 1-2-3 POST

Evaluation Level 4 children POST

Evaluation Parent-Carer Post Group

Evaluation Companion Post Programme