Seasons for Growth has been helping children, young people and adults across Scotland since 2001. We now have over 5,000 trained Companions across Scotland. Last year over 6,500  children and adults attended groups. We hope that the information on these pages will help you to learn more about this award winning programme.

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Recent research published in  Educational Psychology in Scotland, Winter 2017 looked at the impact of the programme.

Outcomes were measured against the Curriculum for Excellence (health and wellbeing). The study, which included 75 pupil participants, identified many positive outcomes including:

  • highly significant improvements reported by pupils, parents and teachers in all health and wellbeing measures
  • teachers reported young people able to concentrate more on their learning
  • parents / carers reported children being less angry, calmer, happier, more able to concentrate, and making more effort with homework.
  • pupils reported an increased sense of belonging and connectedness, emotional literacy, concentration, confidence and relationships. They also said they had fun!

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Reference: Robertson, N., McPherson, K., Murray, D., Montgomery, A., Shaver, I., and Gardner, A. (2017) Improving health and wellbeing for children and young people who have experienced loss, change and bereavement. Educational Psychology in Scotland, Vol 18 pp 2-5.

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Seasons for Growth in Scotland is about to be involved in an exciting International Research project involving Australia, New Zealand, England and Wales. If you would like further information or for your school to take part please read the following: International Evaluation Summary   For parent/carer participants please read: INFORMATION SHEET for Parent and Carer participants

SFG Logo Final  Congratulations and thank you to Alison Gardner and all involved in Seasons for Growth in West Dunbartonshire following a Care Inspection:

“While many schools across Scotland run Seasons for Growth groups, the programme in West Dunbartonshire is led strategically, well embedded in primary and secondary schools, and is delivered in other settings. The inspection team viewed it as a model of outstanding and sustainable practice.” (Care Inspectorate (2017), Services for Children & Young People in West Dunbartonshire, p37). Please see West Dunbartonshire Spring Newsletter for further information.



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Colette Fraser, one of our new trainers in Aberdeenshire, set up a fundraising page (July 2017-18) in memory of her sister who sadly died at a young age. The money raised will support Seasons for Growth in Aberdeenshire and across Scotland. Over the year they raised a fabulous total of £10,131.44. A huge thank you to Colette and all those who supported the fundraising. It will make a difference.

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